First of all, I would like to say that I don't consider myself to be a bodybuilder. Bodybuilding involves an extreme look and a lifestyle of many health risk factors that I don't agree with. I still respect and admire all bodybuilder athletes but it is not what I want for myself.

I started lifting weights at the age of 16 years. Then I was a very active girl who enjoyed to do a lot of sports and I still do. My starting weight was 40kg and reaching up to my actual 70kg has been a long journey of many years of dedication but not really such a hard work as many of you think. Yes, I do follow a strict lifestyle and stay focused but I enjoy it. It makes me feel good, happy and relaxed. My lifestyle improves the quality of my life. I believe this is the only and correct way to do any kind of sport.

I always admired the beauty of the muscle anatomy and already as a little girl I have been making drawings of wild cats, horses and dogs showing their muscular bodies.

I often hear people say that muscles are only for men which I disagree with. All living creatures have muscles both males and females. The key is moderation and respect for beauty proportions.

I have an ideal of beauty that I try to reach and enjoy it. My ideal does not exactly match the actual trend of female bodybuilding and what the judges are looking for and therefore I don't want to compete. I competed twice shortly after starting bodybuilding but it was only to experience the atmosphere. Since that time I am only focused on improving myself and I am happier to show the results of my work through this website rather than in a show.

My measurements:
Hight: 160 cm
Weight: 70kg
Biceps: 38-39cm
Tights: 63cm